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  I received a response yesterday to my post “Tears in the Closet”.   My friend reminded me of the “extreme separation”, which are the words...

Like Never Before

Wednesday, March 16, 2011
A friend of mine was over visiting and crying with me last week. She was encouraging me by telling me how blessed I am that Michael left so much of his written words behind.  She was referring to all of his notes, poems, and songs that he wrote for me through the years.  I realize that many spouses never know what the other thinks or feels,because they never reveal their inner selves or even know how to comfortably go about doing it. Almost every year for Mother's Day or Valentine's Day, he would write something for me in a multitude of different genres.  Following is a poem that he wrote for Mother's Day, 2008. I loved knowing that he could recognize his feelings and, not only put words to it, but made sure I knew what those feelings were.  We kept each other updated continually on where our feelings were for one another... good and bad. If they were bad; such as, hurt feelings, down in the "depths of despair", or feeling forgotten, we would share, then forgive, apologize, cry together, and then it would turn to laughter and refreshment.  If you have never been this honest with your spouse(husband or wife), I plead with you to try.  It may take small steps, but start somewhere.  Your marriage will never be the same..."like never before."  Life is short, God is good, be thankful, walk in love.... "like never before."

Like Never Before

Today I see her like never before
Though yesterday I thought, "How could she mean more?"
If given tomorrow I know that I'd say
Like never before, I see her today.

Today I need  her like never before
Consistent and faithful, supportive and sure.
To know that she hears from the Father of dreams,
Like never before, I need her today.

Today I know her like never before
By listening, learning, and helping her to endure.
A mother to our children, A blessing to me
Like never before, I know her today.

Today I love her like never before
Through laughter and tears, through sunshine and storms.
To know that God designed her for His destiny with me
Like never before, I love her today.
Written by
Michael Anthony Barranco, Sr.
May 2008


Anonymous Says:
March 16, 2011 at 10:07 AM

Several people on FB have posted about how high Michael set the bar in living and walking the walk of Faith for us as friends and fellow Christians to learn from. Sometimes in those quiet minutes just before falling asleep at night after I've prayed my prayers for all those that I love (including you and your children), I reflect on the stories of Michael's genuine acts of love toward not only you but also those whose life's journey crossed with his (like mine) and it's hard to imagine him as human with faults and blemishes (I like to call warts) in his life.
I then read things like this poem to you and the other posts here on your blog. I can't help but smile at the thought of the dirty gym clothes "just short of the hamper" or the tears shed when something touched his heart because those are glimpses of the human side of the Michael that I can identify with on a very comfortable level.
It is the Michael that has the alone time every morning with his coffee and Bible, the Michael that professes his love and faith in the music that he sang, the Michael that comforted the lady on the plane with his "guardian angel", or the Michael that saw the need for a Boy Scout troop where there was none and actually did something about it, that is the Michael that I struggle with with in my own life.
His walk of Faith through your posts of thoughts and memories here have truly become a ministry to many more than just myself. I want to personally thank you for sharing them with us. For through your ministry here you have challenged us to re-examine our own relationships with God as well our spouses and family members.
By sharing your Michael here, we have hope and encouragement for strengthening all of our own relationships.

May God continue to bless you!

In His Grip


"True joy comes only from God and He shares this joy with those who walk in fellowship with Him." - Jerry Bridges

Anonymous Says:
March 16, 2011 at 11:51 AM

Hi Jene'. For some reason I feel compelled to write something to you. I don't know if this story will make much sense to you, but I'm trusting that the feelings I have to share it are "from God" so I'm about to be obedient! Here it goes! About 2 months ago I met Michael for the first time. He came to my office on a "business visit". A business associate/partner (Ted) brought him along so we could talk specifics of a potential project. It was a great meeting and one where it wasn't hard to discuss how God's purposes are woven into what we do in the "business world" and specifically in the project we were discussing. And, when we reached the point where it was time to wrap up the meeting Ted asked Michael if he would close the meeting with prayer. When I heard Michael's prayer I knew I was listening to a man talk to his Father. It was clear to see that Michael KNEW God, that he had a relationship with Him that was real and personal.

I took Michael's card and put it at the base of my desk top computer screen. I have literally 100's of business cards of people from no telling how many different types of businesses. The job I do brings many people to my office, therefore... the 100's of business cards explanation. Michael's business card is the only one that I see each day as I sit at my computer. I cannot explain why I felt compelled to put his business card in my view, but I would often say a prayer for him and wonder what God had in store for the future as Michael's path and mine would cross (because of this large project he and his business associates were about to take on for us). Ted had told me what a special Christian man Michael was, and I had heard from others similar comments. As I write this I am looking at his business card. It's the one that's has an all white background, the writing is basically all on the right side of the card and the left side of the card has what appears to be a "+" sign. The top of the card is BARRANCO in all capital letters. I guess this was his business card just prior to his firm merging with Dale & Associates...? I still wonder why I felt such a strong sense that our paths would cross and I would become "better" because of it... espcially now as I recognize he is longer here on this earth but is now with His Father in heaven. I am a Christian also, Jene'. I love my wife dearly and we will celebrate 27 years of marriage in April. And, I love Jesus too. Reading your writings on this website has brought tears to my eyes and encouraged me to give more of myself to my beautiful wife and three children. Ted told me about this website. Moments ago I typed in the website address, and never imagined I would write something. You will be in my prayers, likely every Monday through Friday as I look at Michael's business card as I work on my computer in my office. If we ever meet I will be honored to meet you in person one day. If not, I will look forward to meeting you in heaven when I get to shake Michael's hand again.

Take care, Kevin Upchurch

Anonymous Says:
March 16, 2011 at 5:05 PM

I continue to read, I continue to be amazed, I continue to strive, as you do, for tomorrow, for my family, for others, for the God Who created us all.

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