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The Christian Life Done Right

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Because Michael made such an impact on so many people, we knew that we would not be able to hold his visitation, or his memorial service, in our small community church.  He was the campus architect for Belhaven University and had established a wonderful relationship with the school's president, Dr. Roger Parrott.  Dr. Parrott offered for us to have both of the events on their campus at the Belhaven Center for the Arts.   The building was originally a large church, then Michael did the renovation plan to transform it into the Center for the Arts, when it came under the ownership of Belhaven University.  It seats about 900 people, but they had to close the doors forty-five minutes before the starting time and turn hundreds more away.

When Michael had redesigned the layout of the sanctuary for them, he was brainstorming with Dr. Parrott all of the different uses for which the space could be utilized.  He told him that the flow would even work for a funeral, if ever needed.  How ironic, then, that Michael’s was the first funeral ever held in that space….about 9 years later.

Dr. Parrott spoke at the opening of the “celebration” service, as many people have begun to call it, since it was a wonderful celebration of his life.  He wrote a beautiful piece about Michael called “The Christian Life Done Right”.  He clearly articulated Michael’s well- rounded life.  It is a truthful representation of how he lived from his passions. He posted it on his blog at the University’s website.  You will understand my loss and my children’s loss of their father better after having read it.  Michael lived his life right. 


Anonymous Says:
April 30, 2011 at 8:17 PM

I read Dr Parrot's blog...he summed it up for sure. I can only imagine what a big heart your Michael had. Also, I can only imagine how much you and the children miss him. I pray for comfort for each one of you daily. Thank you for sharing. Since I have been reading your blog, I appreciate the time I have with the people I love even more than ever. God be with you. DH

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