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The Rose Tree

Sunday, April 10, 2011
Thinking again about Valentine's Day lately caused me to remember another poem which Michael wrote for me for Valentine's Day in 2006.  It is called "The Rose Tree".  It is not a rhyming poem, so just enjoy the beauty of his words.  He gave each of the children a different rose tree and a pair of gardening gloves, then gave me one that was accompanied by the poem.  Pruning all of our roses was always my gardening job.  It made him nervous cutting back something that looked so beautiful and strong.  He would always be proud of me after I did it and then we would both be amazed at the miracle of the rose tree coming back from a hard pruning with more beauty, fullness and strength than it had before. Yesterday, I noticed a big, beautiful, red rose on the one he gave me.  I am going to cut it this afternoon and put it in a vase next to my bed, or maybe on the table next to my writing chair.  He told me that this plant would be a reminder of his love and its depth.... and that it is.
The Rose Tree
Oh the mind of man that he would set aside but one day 
To celebrate the greatest of them all
For without love, there is no faith
And without love, there is no hope
And roses cut will surely fade

But true love plants itself within the deep and fertile soil
Continually providing fragrant blooms
Through frost and dormant winter
And pruning it remains
Beyond the life of man upon the earth

So take and plant this tree as a reminder of my love
That's rooted deeper than the winter's blow
Though sometimes only thorns are seen
On barren sticks of brown
Forever, it will bear the fragrant rose

And when today has ended and the world puts love away
Tomorrow gaze upon this lovely tree
Remember that my love for you
Extends beyond this day
Deeply planted for all eternity


Anonymous Says:
April 10, 2011 at 4:43 PM

I thought of you and your family this morning and kept hearing, "My mercies are new every morning, my mercies are new every morning" over and over.

Anonymous Says:
April 11, 2011 at 6:11 AM



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