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Thank Your Dad

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Having a thankful spirit is something that we always tried to help our children to have in all circumstances, but even more so when they had received something from us or from someone else.  If I was ever out shopping with the children, buying them clothes or other items, taking them out to eat, or taking them on a fun outing, they would always say “Thank you, Mom”, either while we were still in the store, as we were walking to the car, or as soon as we were getting in the car…. Sometimes they would even get a little prideful if they were the first one to say it.  Many times I would even get a sweet hug with the thank you.   I always would reply with, “You’re welcome,” and then I would immediately tell them, “Thank  your Dad”.  I wanted them to remember that it was because of his hard work and discipline that we were able to buy those things, or do those fun outings.  I was just the “delivery man”.  I wanted them to recognize the cause and effect of his work.  He had an impeccable work ethic and the effect was that they were blessed with something new or something fun to do together. He loved to shop and he loved to buy gifts for me and the children.  If he could have, he would have been with us on all of those shopping excursions and outings because he wanted to be with us.  Sometimes, he would slip away from work to join us, even if it was just for a few minutes, just so he could share the joy.  I remember one day last year, I took the kids to the Natural Science Museum on a beautiful day and we enjoyed a picnic on a quilt in their open green space.  We threw the football and Frisbee and relaxed on the blanket.  We looked up, and there was Michael.  He had pulled his car over on the frontage road and was on the other side of the iron fence, smiling.  He just wanted to see us enjoying life and one another. We talked to him for less than a minute, there were a few, “Hey, Dad!  Watch this!”, and then he had to hop back into his car because he was on his way to meeting.  As he pulled away, he immediately called me on my cell phone and said, ”You don’t know what it does to me to see you enjoying yourselves!” He was a good provider and he took that role seriously.  I always thanked God for blessing me with a husband who worked and provided for us.  Work was such an act of discipline for him because he would rather have been spending time with us, or doing something creative on his own time.  He loved to shower us with blessings.  Sometimes, I would call him on his cell phone while we were out shopping or doing something special just so he could still be a part of it.  It brought him joy knowing that we were out getting the things we needed or just having fun.  If he had been with us, he would have spoiled us even more.

One day this past week, while we were on the monorail, traveling back to our hotel, Julia turned to me and said, “Thank you for this trip.”  I put my hand on her knee and smiled with a “You’re welcome,” then the words,  “Thank your Dad,” were right on the tip of my tongue.  They were immediately there, as always, wanting to give him credit for what we were doing.  I did not say it,  but choked down the words as I sat there with my hand still on her knee.   My eyes began to fill with tears as I realized, yes,  we can still thank your Dad.  It is still because of his hard work, discipline, and planning that we are able to be on this trip.  We will forever be thankful for him, his love for us, his example of hard work, and for the blessing that  he continues to be to us. 

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for Michael.  Thank you for sharing him with us.  Thank you for the gift of love and joy that you gave him , and he shared and taught to us.  Thank you for taking care of us through Michael. Thank you for the pleasure that he took in his family.  Thank you for his example of  generosity in all that he did.  Thank you for loving us and for choosing us to be Michael’s earthly family. Thank you, thank you, thank you….


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May 25, 2011 at 1:04 PM

Read "Heaven Is For Real" Todd Burpo

Anonymous Says:
May 25, 2011 at 1:41 PM

Thanks for the reminder to teach my children to be thankful and to thank their dad for working hard so we can eat, have nice things,and so I can stay home with them everyday, etc. Glad yall got to get away for a fun trip! You're a great mom and I know Michael is proud of you!!

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