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More Than Just an App

Monday, May 30, 2011
A couple weeks ago, a friend of mine and Michael’s helped me with some computer and iPhone problems that I was having.  As I have mentioned before, I now have Michael’s laptop and use it for all of my computer needs.  When our friend hooked up my phone to his laptop to update software, it automatically downloaded all of Michael’s apps from his itunes account onto my phone.  When I picked up my phone later in the evening to make sure that everything had been done correctly, I noticed that this had happened.  I had such a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach when I saw all of his apps on my phone.  It shocked me how my emotions and my body responded to seeing these pop up on my phone.  They were just apps…. But they were ones that he had chosen and they reveal much about him.  Following are the apps and what they teach about Michael’s priorities and interests.

Angry Birds - He had put it on there for our 5 year old foster child to play when they were in a situation together where he needed some quiet entertaining.   He loved that little boy and fought for him like he was our own child. It was the only game on his phone.

The Holy Bible – This tells us enough.  He loved to be able to pull up any translation when he was looking for a particular verse for himself or when he was trying to teach the children something in the scriptures.  He used it often and many times he would use it in church to help him follow up on a point in the sermon.

iBird 15 and iBird Yard – This was the Boy Scout coming out in him.  He loved to imitate birds, recognize their sounds, talk to them, and share with you what he knew about them.  These apps have the calls for all of the birds and all of the information you could possibly need to learn more about North American birds.  He would get so tickled with himself when he would successfully talk to birds and they would begin to talk back!

AccuWeather – Like his father, he was always very interested in the weather and would try to prove to me that this app was better than the one I had from The Weather Channel!  He used it every time we were about to travel, while we were traveling, planning the weekend, or any time in between just because he liked knowing what to expect…. In other words, how he needed to prepare….Mr. Eagle Scout to the rescue!

Clinometer, Converter, INCHcalc, Focalware – These were all related to his profession as an architect.  Ones that I would probably never use, except for Focalware, which may help me with planning for the right kind of plants  to put in my garden by knowing the times of the sunrise, sunset, and hours of light needed to have just the right amount of sunlight.

Original G - Another one he used for his profession to feed another passion of his.  News and discussions on sustainability in architecture and town planning.  Sustainable places and sustainable buildings.  It excited him to think and dream progressively.

SEC Sports – He never spent any time watching sports on television, except for some football games with Michael Anthony.  We rarely watched anything at all on television….but he loved to check the scores of certain games just to keep him abreast of things going on in the sports world.

Translator – He loved to keep something handy to help him figure out how to say something in Italian!  It was just plain fun to him.

Evernote  & Quick Voice – He was always brimming with new creative ideas and these were ways that he could put down his thoughts in a moment’s notice.  He was always coming up with song titles, song lyrics, ad slogan’s for companies, business ventures, marketing ideas, development ideas, and anything else his constant creative mind was stirring up.

I feel like I am carrying around a little piece of him.  Simple and may seem silly to some people, but I loved being reminded of the things that he liked or were important to him.    They serve as just a small window into his world here.... it was a sweet place.


Anonymous Says:
May 30, 2011 at 7:35 PM

It doesn't seem silly at all... It's really sweet and I'm sure it is very comforting to carry Michael's "apps" with you on your phone. So sweet:)

Anonymous Says:
May 30, 2011 at 10:40 PM

What you are talking about is very familiar to me...as is the case with most all of your posts. It is amazing how precious every tiny detail about your loved one becomes & how important it becomes to remember & honor those details & how much you miss each one. It has been crucial for me, since losing my sweet Daddy, to remember & honor as much as I possibly can about everything that made him who he was :) I ask God to bring sweet or funny memories back to my remembrance, and he does...even the tiniest memory of a conversation or an inside joke we shared is priceless. To me, they're like little diamonds stored up in my heart. I pray these remembrances will become even sweeter for you with time and a little less "sharp", & bring a few more smiles & a few less tears. I know God is doing this for me & for my Mom. We're still thinking of you & praying for you & your children daily...with so much love & compassion.

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