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Order My Steps

Thursday, November 3, 2011
As I was praying this morning, I gave all of my gifts back to the Lord. I want him to be glorified in everything that I do. Even though this is something I do continually, today I felt like it was sealed. As if everything up until now has been training and preparation, and now the contract has been signed for the missions that lay ahead. I can’t explain what I felt in my spirit but I felt like it was, “now time”…. whatever that means. I thanked him for the pleasure, joy, satisfaction, healing, and contentment that I have when I have created something by using the creative gifts He has given me. Not just writing, but anything creative from gardening to parenting. We were made in his image, He is a creative; therefore, we are creative in all that we set our hands to do. As I gave it all to him this morning, the prayer, “Order my steps,” rose up in me with a fire. I knew I had to write it. Now that I am beginning to walk a little more, and stop a little less, it is imperative that I look to him for the ordering of my steps. I am still weak, my vision is still blurred and the enemy is watching every move I make, looking for an opportunity to use my circumstances to get me out of God’s perfect plan. I need my Lord to order my steps now and always.

When life is shining on every step I take
And the road seems evident before my face
When joy, favor, and happiness are everywhere I turn,
Order my steps, Lord
Order my steps

When questions befall me with uncertainties ahead
And I want all control, not relying on You instead
When I get impatient for the direction that You have planned,
Order my steps, Lord
Order my steps

When your hand points to shadows in the midst of Death Valley
And terror chases my heels; fear whispers, screams, and taunts me
When the sun does not rise, days full of darkness of night,
Order my steps, Lord
Order my steps

When I am weak from my travels, consumed with hunger and thirst
And am stumbling towards the light, it’s your presence I search
When my strength wanes and the journey makes my feet pause to resist
Order my steps, Lord
Order my steps

Order my steps, for my life is not my own
Order my steps, I trust and have faith in You, Lord, alone
Order my steps, pursuing the purpose for my life
Use me, lead me, carry me on, Lord, with your might

Wrtten by Jene' Barranco
November 3, 2011


Anonymous Says:
November 3, 2011 at 10:58 AM

Wow! That is so beautiful. I read your post and mistakenly thought you were quoting the words of a hymn at the end. What a lovely surprise to realize that is YOUR song. God is most certainly ordering your steps.

Anonymous Says:
November 3, 2011 at 1:21 PM

Yep, you're on your way. God always hears when we ask. Order your steps He certainly will.

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